Andrew Cameron

Andrew has a wealth of commercial experience inside and outside the fuel industry.  He received an early career grounding in finance and accounting (in both professional firms and line management).  In 1990, in his native South Africa, he got his first exposure to the fuel industry when he was asked to manage and oversee the affairs of a Caltex service station in financial distress.  This gave him a taste for the challenges and opportunities in our industry and he went on to operate two of his own (Total) fuel sites – one of these in a deeply rural area and the other in a major urban centre. 

Andrew has a variety of other commercial experience.  This includes selling and managerial roles and exposure to a variety of industries and business types (including franchise environments).  He also served as Chairman of the charitable Round Table organisation in Umtata, South Africa.

Since arriving in New Zealand in mid-2013, Andrew has been able to indulge his passion for fly fishing and boating (and has even refurbished an old yacht from the keel up….!).  He loves his Rugby and will no doubt forever (and for better or worse) remain a staunch supporter of his beloved Springboks…. (bless him!).