Leanne O'Connell

Leanne first Joined GAS in 2008 while on a working holiday to New Zealand, this was as temporary maternity cover for another staff member.  After a 3 month absence in 2009 to travel South East Asia, she got residency in New Zealand and accepted a permanent position with the company.

Born and bred in the East Midlands of the UK, Leanne performed a number of roles before finally heading overseas.  Working primarily in the printing industry, both on the shop floor and in the back-office, she developed an eye for detail and a commitment to precision that make her so valuable to GAS in her current role in operations support.

Leanne has never lost her love of travel and is one of the Head Office’s most organised team members when it comes to booking annual leave months, if not years, in advance!  She loves cats, fine dining and going to the gym and worryingly now claims that her favourite colour is orange…  perhaps it is no coincidence that she is now our longest serving employee.